Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm a Retro Kid!

...and proud to say so! The tireless Ward Jenkins of ward-O-matic fame has yet another side project called The Retro Kid group on Flickr. That's where Ward and his merry band of helper elves ( who go by strange but charming handles like "ticky-tacky", "grickily" and "sturdevant" ) post the images they've scanned that typify, as Ward puts it, "anything that was illustrated for kids at that time: (children's books), albums, 45's, commercials, ads, games, toys, etc."

Last week's look at Lowell Hess brought the Retro Kid into clearer focus for me so I jumped in their pool and the water's fine! If you too enjoy "that cool mid-century modern styling" then rush right over there and dive in. Especially recommended to the many cartoonists, animators and character designers on the list!


  1. Your collection of Lowell Hess art is most impressive Leif! Thanks for sharing it with us. I truly marvel at the quality of this work.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Leif! You and your contributions should definitely benefit the Retro Kid and all its inhabitants! Thanks, again.