Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"In all that Christmas is,

it has a special meaning for children. And for them, artist Art Seiden has recreated some of the most famous of these storybook immortals and has brought them together at a party given by Alice." - Collier's ( Dec '55 )

This piece from the "Special Christmas Issue" of Collier's reaffirms that Art Seiden had risen to the top of the children's book market in the public conciousness - the Maurice Sendak of his day, if you will.

If you missed my earlier post on Seiden, you can find it here.

For many more images by Seiden and other children's book illustrators of the fifties, check out The Retro Kid. The range and volume of material will astound you!

And you can read about a memorable contemporary of Seiden's, Bernice Myers, over at Eric Sturdevant's excellent blog, Fun All Around. Eric has posted many images and a photo of Myers and her husband and co-creator, Lou.
Go check it out!

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