Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fawcett at Collier's

David Apatoff of Illustration Art blog continues his narrative on Robert Fawcett:

"In the 1950s, Fawcett illustrated two fictional series for Colliers
that established himself as one of the foremost illustrators in
America: the Hercule Poirot stories by Agatha Christie and the new
Sherlock Holmes stories by Adrian Conan Doyle. One of Fawcett's
illustrations for Sherlock Holmes won the award for Best Illustration
of the Year from the Society of Illustrators. Both series were a labor
of love for Fawcett, and both made the illustration community sit
upright and pay attention. A contemporary of Fawcett recalls that
when Fawcett walked into a monthly luncheon of Westport illustrators,
some of the other illustrators bowed and scraped, a precursor to the
"I'm not worthy" joke from Mike Myer's 'Wayne's World.'"

Yesterday I received this interesting note from TI list member Bruce Hettema:

"Hi Leif,
Here's some Bob Fawcett trivia. Bob was Haines Hall's (Patterson & Hall) brother in law. Haines was married to his sister."

You can see some examples of Hall's excellent work in my Haines Hall Flickr set.


  1. Here's even more Fawcett marital trivia: Fawcett's wife married Austin Briggs after Fawcett died.

  2. Ooooh...I love illustration gossip. :) Ha.
    Well I hope that Robert would have wanted it that way!