Thursday, January 26, 2006

From an earlier time

For those who enjoy illustration from a slightly earlier time, I stumbled upon a fantastic resource in this remote corner of the 'net: a site devoted to pulp author Ellis Parker Butler.

"Working from his home in Flushing (Queens) New York, Ellis Parker Butler was -- by every measure and by many times -- the most published author of the pulp fiction era."

Who knew? But what's of even more interest to us is that the author(s) of the site have generously included a cover gallery of magazines in which Mr. Butler had articles published.

From "Adventure" to "Youth's Companion", from 1893 to 2003 ( how'd he do that? ) there are 605 covers to peruse so be prepared to set aside a few minutes... this could take a while!


  1. Leif, how do you keep finding all these marvelous sites??? It was bad enough when I was just visiting Today's Inspiration, but now every time I visit I end up boomarking another site. If I don't stop visiting your blog, I am going to lose my job, my home, my wife and my children. They are going to find my bleached bones in front of my computer.

  2. LoL, David, the internet is indeed a most marvelous thing - and will almost certainly be the ruination of us all.

  3. The Amazing Stories are awesome!

    Have you ever come across this site? One of my faves:

  4. Wow! What a great selection of comic covers... thanks for the link!