Friday, January 20, 2006

"Thus the Frontier Vanished"

An apt title not only for the article shown above, but also for the time and place in which illustrators like Thomas Vroman worked. Stylized illustration of the sort Vroman pioneered is so common today, its hard to remember how singularly unique it was at a time when ninety-nine percent of all printed illustration was based on realistic representation.

With the arrival of artists like Vroman, Jan Balet, and others in the mid-fifties, the frontier of contemporary, stylized, decorative illustration vanished.

Next week: A look at one of my favourite, intriguingly mysterious illustrators: the artist who signed his work "Lucia".

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  1. I'm posting these comments that were emailed to me in the hopes that Mr. Vroman might get to see them...

    From Neil Shapiro:

    "I've had some trouble posting replies to your blog, so I thought I'd simply talk to you this way.

    I love Vroman's work! If you've ever studied Disney's Sleeping Beauty (& I'm sure you have), you'll see the obvious stylistic similarities. I'm sure you're familiar with the work of Murray Tinkelman & Lorraine Fox -- two decorative illustrators whose styles were definitely going against the grain of their fellow Cooper artists. I'm glad there was an audience, a sophisticated audience at that, for this kind of work.


    And from Ward Jenkins:

    "Oh you KNOW I'm saving these to my desktop! What wonderful images! Thanks for sharing, Leif."