Monday, February 06, 2006

Superficial Love

As we begin the countdown to Valentines Day, I'll be posting images related to love. Here's a killer piece by Coby Whitmore when he was in his prime. What fascinates me about this type of piece is, not unlike porn imagery, the man is reduced in relevance to nothing more than body parts ( in this case hands ) so that we may better focus our attention on the superficial beauty of this "glitter girl".

Interesting to note the derisive tone of the bold copy at lower left.

You can find about thirty more images by Whitmore in my Coby Whitmore Flikr set.


  1. No better way to start on the theme of "love" than Coby Whitmore!

  2. It was a toss up between Whitmore and Whitcomb, David - but then there's always tomorrow...