Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Thanks to... Mitchell Hooks"

From McGinnis Paintings.com:
"Arriving in New York, I went to work at Chaite studios in the company of Frank McCarthy, Bob Peak, Mike Hooks, Jack Thurston and, briefly, Bernie Fuchs, to name only a few; a rich learning experience, but I was doing routine studio work with little direction. One evening after work I met Mike Hooks on a street corner with his agent, Don Gelb. He suggested I show my work to Don. Don took my samples to Walter Brooks at Dell. I was assigned two covers and my book cover career began. Thanks to the generosity of Mitchell Hooks, a great artist and gentleman."

When I put together these posts, one of the first steps I take in researching is to do a simple Google Image Search. "art by Robert McGinnis" turns up 601 hits. "Art by Mitchell Hooks" returns 39.

Again from McGinnis Paintings.com:

"As with many young artists, there was a point to which one can look back and say, 'That made a difference.' Bob attended a lecture given by Coby Whitmore, another Buckeye, and by then an established star in New York. This was the impetus for Bob to come to New York."

My Google Image Search of "art by Coby Whitmore" returned 14 hits.

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