Friday, February 03, 2006

What's not to love...

...about James Bond in an underwater knife-fight with an army of scubadiving henchmen?

We're even willing to forgive the impossibility of him holding his breath, countless fathoms below the ocean's surface, for countless minutes, while overpowering countless opponents because - hey - its James Bond.

If you'd like to see this painting, most likely by Frank McCarthy, uncropped and sans type elements, go to Thunderball Obsessional and you'll find it at bottom centre, along with the Robert McGuinness art from the movie.

Want to see this week's TI images at full size and all in one place? Go to my Flickr set of Illustrated Album Covers.

I should also mention the Flickr group, Retro Records, which is where I got the idea to take a look at album cover art. You'll find a lot of gems there - not just cool old illustrations, but great typography and hilarious old photos.

Next week: Love lost, love found, romantic love, torrid love, puppy love and any other kind of love as the countdown to Valentine's Day begins.

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