Saturday, March 04, 2006

Coffee? Or perhaps something a little stronger...?

Good morning. Well, its the weekend. Hope you're able to relax and enjoy it and don't have to work or run too many errands. Pour yourself a nice mug of hot coffee, pull up a chair and take a look at this: Paula Wirth, Flickr's premier scannergrrrl of all things ephemeral has started some great new pools that are already attracting some cool contributions (including a bunch from moi).

Why not take a sip of Coffee: A Damn Fine Product, then, when you feel you're ready, go confront The Red Menace and once you're sufficiently convinced that the commies are going bomb us into oblivion, you'll no doubt need a good stiff belt at Beer and Booze to calm your nerves.
Bottoms up!


  1. great illustrations, i got some ideas to make some invitations to someone i know :)
    great blog, i love it!

  2. Thanx, dianofit!