Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kozjan on Morvan

Leif asked for my thoughts on some images that he sent me and that I was inspired by and I chose this image by French artist and designer Herve Morvan (1917-1980).

Its too bad Morvan didn't do lots of children's books because I would love to have them on my shelves, and I'd love to read the story of this Matador and Bull, but he did create a large body of movie and advertising posters to enjoy.
I'm a big fan of Morvan's . I love the clarity of his designs, the uncluttered compositions , the subtle use of texture and the unique sense of humour that comes through in his images. Not to mention the simple, sophisticated, bright colours that are always inventively used. Though aspects of my own work is influenced more by other artists , I always look at work like this to remind me how powerful (and difficult) it is to make interesting and simple images that still have a warmth
and originality to them. No wasted lines here.

A large monograph was published in France in 1997 called Herve

I've included some various images on my blog here


  1. There's something (suicidal bull?) about that that is a little too morbid...

  2. The humour is a bit dark, moontoon - but let's face it, its a lot less disingenuos than the more typical portayal of the happy cartoon animal mascot who looks forward to us eating their kind. ;-)

  3. i knew there was reason why I liked this add so much