Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's back where it belongs!

Aahh... that's better. Many thanks to Patric King for helping me get that darn sidebar back where it belongs.

It turns out I was missing a closing tag in my template.

I followed his advice and *like magic* my sidebar is side-barring again.

Thanks Patric!


  1. Hi Leif -- i have been an avid reader of your blog for several months now. I have blogged about you and placed you in my links section, as i enjoy reading your posts daily. I read up on your sidebar woes a while ago, and it stuck in my head, because I remember thinking "oh, the horror he must be feeling!". Oddly, tonight, I seem to have found myself in the exact same situation and I immediately thought back to your post. How in the world did you fix this? Would you be so kind as to pass along some advice? I'm desperate! My blog is i heart to blog.

  2. Hi a*pril; Thanks so much for your kind words and for including me on your blog! I'm sorry to hear you've experienced the same sidebar problem. It is apparently quite common. I was very lucky to get the advice of another TI reader, Patric King, who designs for content management systems like blogger.

    His advice follows:

    what's going on is that the code for the content column isn't closed and so your sidebar is yanked into it. only on your frontpage template, though.

    [unfortunately, a*pril, blogger won't allow me to type the html code in the comments space that Patric suggested I correct. email me at leifpeng@gmail.com and I'll copy and paste it back to you in a reply]

    Patric's fix worked as a stop gap but there seems to have been an underlying corruption of the actual minima template I use.

    Peter, of Blogger for Dummies, sent me this great advice:

    there seem to be something wrong with your blog, probably the template is corrupted. I don't know, but if this blog is mine, this is what I would consider doing. I would first backup the template. Then I would try to reload a fresh template, either the same one from Blogger dashboard or a new one. If that doesn't help, I can always put the backed up template back in again.

    I followed the directions on Peter's blog and if you want to give it a try you can find the link to Blogger for Dummies in my now restored sidebar, a*pril - good luck! L ;-)