Friday, April 14, 2006

Some Day Soon, The Truth May Break

Kinda makes you wonder if Chris Carter had a copy of the November 1952 Coronet tucked away in a drawer when he developed the X-Files, doesn't it? Don't forget, all this week's images have been added to my Ren Wicks Flickr set.

That's all for now from Ren Wicks but drop by this weekend for a neato-cool related series from the early days of Today's Inspiration. Aliens weren't the only ones traveling through space back in the forties and fifties, y'know...

Nobody could ever accuse me of knowing anything about sports but I hear that its the beginning of baseball season (and I am a fan of classic illustration, no matter what the subject matter) so next week; a look at "America's favourite pastime".


  1. Mark Harris11:31 AM

    Hey, airplane geek here.
    The 'aircraft' featured in this illustration was non other than the Vought V-173 'Flying Pancake'.
    It was developed & flown in the early '40's by Chance Vought aircraft company for the U.S. Navy. Needless to say civilian winesses mistook it for some sort of flying saucer. Development was slowed by wartime priorities and then halted with the advent of jets.
    I should get a life...

  2. Actually, that's a fascinating bit of info, Mark. Any photos of this "Flying Pancake"?

  3. Mark harris emailed me with the link to photos of the Vought V-173 / XF5U-1
    "Flying Flapjack" or "Flying Pancake". Anyone interested should go to