Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lessons in (Boys') Life

Lesson #4: Radio

Long before ipods, high speed internet and HDTV, the information technology of choice for readers of Boys' Life was radio. Why? Because information is power. A portable radio could save you from getting killed in an avalanche.

A short-wave radio meant you could save boatloads of sailors and earn the respect and gratitude of the police and coast guard.

And a buck twenty-five could get you all these cool certificates, booklets and a membership card in the Boy's Life Radio Club!

Yup, radio was such a status symbol it was even worth making your kid sister an "honorary member"... as long as she brought her G-E Tripmate portable radio.


  1. These are terrific...I love starting my day with these wonderful (and often humorous) examples of illustration as well as your informative and witty commentary, leif!

    Thanks for a great blog! :)

  2. Well, thank you, chrissie a - knowing you and the other readers are enjoying the blog makes my day! :-)

  3. Linda6:39 PM

    HEY! Not only did the Hallicrafter's Shortwave ad you've featured came out in the exact month I was born, but my dad had one!...the $59.95 model. I didn't realize it was a shortwave radio, and I'm going to go looking for it the next time I'm in his garage.

  4. That's great linda! I hope you find it and that you have the opportunity to save a boatload of sailors as a result. ;-)

  5. I love these! "Well, OK she can hang with us even if she is a girl... as long as she brings her life-saving radio along." LOL

  6. As I've learned from having two sons, being the kid brother/sister is a drag. Your older sibling only tolerates your presence so he can use your radio (or in our house, your bass guitar).