Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Jack could draw anything.."

So far, the best source of info on Jack Hearne continues to be from his friend, illustrator Vic Dowd, in his December 2005 interview conducted by Jim Amash for Alter Ego magazine:

"Jack could draw anything without research," says Dowd. "The rest of us where using models and photographs, but not Jack. He then went on to do high-powered commercial illustrations for major companies, for which he was handsomely paid."

Dowd tells us that Jack Hearne had worked at the Binder shop, an independent studio that produced and packaged comic book art for publishers during the 1940's. My research on the net turned up this comic book cover from 1945 attributed to Jack Hearne.

Other details about Hearne that Dowd shares in his interview: Hearne attended the Pratt Institute and married a woman he met there. He lived for a time in Westport, Connecticut, "but then he got divorced and moved away, and I lost all contact with him," laments Dowd.

"I'd love to know if he's alive and where he lives if he's alive."

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