Thursday, June 15, 2006

"You remember Argosy?"

In his Alter Ego interview, Vic Dowd, speaking of his friend Jack Hearne, asks Jim Amash, "You remember Argosy? Well he [Jack Hearne] was working for the Argosy knock-offs, though I don't remember the names of them."

Dowd is talking about the period shortly after WW II and eventually lost track of his friend when Hearne moved away. Though Hearne must have done work for what Dowd calls "the cheaper men's magazines" around that time he did in fact graduate to being an Argosy contributor by the late 50's.

Yesterday a reader commented that Hearne's style had a powerful macho quality to it and no doubt that quality earned him the assignments first from the Argosy imitators and ultimately from the magazine itself.

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  1. Nice pieces, comparable perspectives too. Nice lighting on the top one.