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Art Seiden, American

Friday, July 28, 2006

American magazine used a steady roster of tradition painterly illustrators for its fiction articles during the 1950's. But for some reason Art Seiden was chosen to illustrate this August 1951 story, The Ornamental Hen. Whatever it was that struck the art editor's fancy to choose Seiden, one could only wish it had struck more often... unfortunately this is the only example I've come across in my stack of American mags.

You can see the back-up piece Seiden did for this article here.


  1. There's a real 'modernity' to Seiden's work.

  2. Yep. This piece just pops off the page as you're flipping through the mag, looking at very nice - but far more traditional work by other illustrators.

  3. Wow---yeah, very dynamic. Hope you come across more of Seiden's illos. He employees a lot of the same spareness as i do in my work---although with far more cleverness ;-)

  4. I hope to find more of his editorial work as well, Zach. Amazing to me that artists like Seiden were doing this kind of work half a century ago!

  5. Troy Oxford7:54 PM

    I've got some of Seiden's linework in a Flickr set. I like his diversity

  6. Hey, that's right! I forgot all about that set, troy... wonderful stuff!





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