Monday, July 24, 2006

No theme this week

I've been locked out of my Blogger account all day, which is probably just as well because I've decided to not do a theme this week, thereby saving myself from researching and writing. As much as I love writing these posts, I've been committing too much free time to this blog when I should be working on my "real" job (the one that pays the bills).

So... this week (and maybe for the next few weeks, actually) I'll just be posting an image each day without too much commentary. Of course your comments are always most welcome!

There are 8 more scans by this artist in my Frederic Varady Flickr set.


  1. When you've got nice pieces like this ya don't need a theme.

  2. True enough, Dom. I started the theme thing as a way to amuse (and educate) myself, but I find myself a bit overwhelmed of late and need to back off a bit.

    But my "inner writer" is hard to supress... I have to really hold back from getting too involved with this stuff - the lives of these artists fascinate me!