Friday, September 29, 2006

March of the Cigarette-Smokin' Penguin

Its a sad story of the fleeting nature of fame, really...

Time was a little guy from the South Pole could come to America and make it big as the celebrity mascot of a major cigarette brand.As is often the case, modelling assignments can lead to acting gigs - sure the production quality wasn't that great - but a fella's gotta take his breaks where he can get 'em. The work was steady and required a guy who could stretch to fit many character types. It wasn't just about being a penguin month after month - no sir. But time passes and you can tell that tastes are changing. You're still on top, but you start to feel like you're second string to younger, more attractive competition.You can tell when its almost over... just like that, you're on the bottom; a bit player being squeezed out by hipper, more sophisticated types with a totally modern style. That's showbiz. Bah!


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