Saturday, November 25, 2006

Don't Blame Me

If you've enjoyed this week's look at Dean Cornwell, don't blame me! It's all TI list member, Tom Palmer's fault.It was Tom who requested a look at Dean Cornwell. When I told him my files on the artist were pretty slim and my knowledge next to nonexistent, Tom supplied both information and artwork - right up to yesterday afternoon, when more rare Cornwell treats arrived via email. Among them, the image above and - even more fascinating - the article excerpted below showing the models (all famous illustrators) from Thursday's main image. Among them is Tom's old instructor from his art school days, Frank Reilly.

Tom's not the only list member who helped out this week, though: My pal Drazen Kozjan sent along a step-by-step series of scans from the book A Complete Guide to Drawing, Illustration, Cartooning and Painting showing "How Dean Cornwell Paints The Dawn of Abdominal Surgery"

As if that wasn't enough, another good pal, Ken Steacy, came through with a series of three more Cornwells - here's one of them below.What you see here is just a small sample of what awaits you in my Dean Cornwell Flickr set. To everyone who gave so generously of their image collections and their knowledge of the artist, my sincere and heartfelt thanks. Its your contribution that makes sending out Today's Inspiration so rewarding!


  1. Fanatstic series on The Dean! I enjoy both yours and David Apatoff's continued interest and showing of classic illustrators and illustration. Thanks for taking the time and enlightening us on a regular basis.

  2. Thanks Brian - comments like that make it all worthwhile! :-)

  3. Thanks Leif and all your contributors. To see new Cornwell illustrations: what a treat!

  4. Dude. You have to see the Dean murals in Rockerfeller Plaza.
    It blows most of what you posted AWAY!


  5. Dude, I have indeed seen the Dean murals in Rockerfeller Plaza and they are truly spectacular. Thanks for commenting. ;-)

  6. Yeah the murals are fantastic
    but my favourite Cornwell period is the magazine illustration from the 20's.