Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let's Do It... Now!

For the burgeoning consumer society of the early 50's, it must have been pretty compelling, seeing ads like these urging them to do it... now!"Here's what people are looking for in a new house, builders all over the country are telling us," proclaims one ad. "Its a modern-yet-friendly house, with four bedrooms... two baths, family room, terraces, two car garage! It points to a trend: houses are getting bigger... have more rooms... are better built."Yep, it sure did point to a trend - a trend that, 50 years later, still hasn't abated. If only every one of those millions of homes were built in the idealistic settings portrayed here by the George Cooper Rudolph Studio. Of course, already sprawling subdivisions would extend out even further - but at least a whole lot of woodlots that are normally chopped down to make way for cookie-cutter development would still be standing...But let's not get all cranky today. Let's enjoy the grand illusion that was The Show-House of 1950's America. Go to my new Architecture and Home Decor Flickr set to better see all the great details.

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  1. Cool blog. This is like a vintage blog. I never see the blogs like I saw in the 50's.