Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Shocking Ric Grasso

What can I tell you about Ric Grasso? Nothing much.He's in the ranks of the many illustrators from the 50's who's credit line I have very occassionally come across and thought, "Hey, that's a pretty cool piece. I wonder why this guy didn't get more work?"

I've been quietly setting aside those occassional pieces. I'll present a week of Ric Grasso art soon (hopefully after I locate some biographical info on the artist) - but this one sort of suited the mood, if not quite the intent, of the Hallowe'en theme so you get to enjoy it now.

There's one other piece by Grasso that was previously shown on the TI blog. You'll find it in my newly minted Ric Grasso Flickr set.


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Leif -- thanks for posting this illustration. As I've browsed through -- having just discovered it -- your blog, I've realized how much of this work seems to inform my subconscious "wallpaper."

    I was exposed to late 50s illos and ads at my grandparents house -- they subscribed to the Sat Eve Post, Look, Life, Boy's Life, etc. and my very young self fed on these images. Led to a life-long fascination with illustration.

    Luckily for me, my grandparents lived just down the street from us.

    Thanks again for your site. I'd love to see some of the 50s work of Ed Emshwiller.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Robert. I'm glad the art here has brought back fond memories for you. :-)

    I have never come across the name Ed Emshwiller, but I'll keep an eye out for his work, now that you've made me aware of him!