Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a Few More...

...days 'til Christmas - and a just a few more Santas by Haddon Sundblom that I came across in recent days. Its kind of neat to see them chronologically like this: first from the 40's......then from the mid-50's......and finally from 1966, just ten years before Sundblom passed away.Apparently Sundblom used himself as the model for Santa in his later years, so we may be looking at a self-portrait of sorts in this piece.

Finally, an important note about a new "picture blog dedicated to Golden Age comics/pulps/classic illustration art" as David Pardee, the "curator" of Golden Age Comic Book Stories describes it. Right now David is showcasing some incredible, rare, Christmas-themed illustration including early Country Gentleman covers by N.C. Wyeth, obscure King Features booklet illustrations by Frank Godwin, Milton Caniff and Alex Raymond, beautiful Walt Disney Comics Christmas covers, and an astounding Mac Raboy Green Lama story - among many others.

Do yourself a favour and go enjoy David's generous gift - and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts!


  1. Thanks for the great Sundbloom's! Also visited David's blog: very cool!

  2. Wow, I love that reindeer curled up at Santa's feet . I WANT ONE.

  3. Beautiful stuff! Puts me in the Christmas spirit in a way that all the modern holiday imagery that surrounds us just simply doesn't. Thanks, Leif!