Saturday, January 20, 2007

Big Cats or Little Dust Bunnies?

Each week's theme on Today's Inspiration begins with me gathering topic-appropriate material to scan from my collection of old magazines. I usually do this over the weekend, usually ending up with more than enough images to fill out the week.

Come the following weekend, I am faced with a folder on my desktop filled with unused scans. These digital dust bunnies deserve to be seen - and some will fit into upcoming topics - but inveriably I find myself filing away some wonderful images until who-knows-when because that week's topic is over and likely won't be revisited for a long time.

Well, why don't we just do a little house cleaning and sweep those dust bunnies out of my hard drive? So here you go: just a few more big cat attacks to inspire you while you sip your Saturday morning coffee.

Of special interest are these two below... the first, courtesy of my pal Ken Steacy, comes with this note from Ken:

I'm really enjoying the Big Cats Attack motif of this week's inspiration - here's one more from Frank McCarthy, with a twist:
Man Attacks Big Cat! Enjoy!

Thanks, Ken! And finally, an email from Jared Shear arrived at the end of this week with a batch of incredible Italian illustrations (like the one below) of big cat attacks and a link to a most fantastic illustration archive. Writes Jared:

This site is a treasure that I found from BibliOdysey, but it was far more vast than the post led on to be. It is full of illustrations from The Sunday Courier mainly by Achille Beltrame and Walter Molino who from what I can gather were the Normon Rockwells of Italy. I was unaware of both of these artists before I saw this site, but I am blown away by their mastery of technique, compostion, and pretty much the ability to illustrate a whole variety of exciting illustrations.

Thanks a million, Jared! I encourage everyone to go explore this wonderful repository of European illustration from the first half of the 20th century.

All of these images have been added to my Big Cat Attack! Flickr set.


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