Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Uncharted Territory"

"There's not very much I can say about most of [these] artists," writes David Roach, who provided all these scans. "Honestly this is entirely uncharted territory - I know of no article or interview with any of these British illustrators."

What a shame... because it would be great to know more about the careers of these tremendously accomplished artists. Where did they learn their craft? Who were there primary influences? The Canadian artists of the 40's and 50's found plenty of inspiration in the pages of imported American magazines. Did the British illustrators reference the work of Parker, Whitcomb and Whitmore as well?

With thanks again to David Roach, these images have been added to my British Illustrators Flickr set.


  1. Jummmmy!! I love these artists like I love the most here you put on yr site!!

    Keep 'm coming!!

    (Tell me if you link me I'll link you back, no problem!)

  2. There is a how-to book, "Magazine Illustration" by Francis Marshall, that has a step by step by Fancett, photo of Johnson during a photo shoot and more of thier, and Wyles art. Small tibits, but it's something. I'll scan and send what I can if you'd like?

  3. Stan;

    Fantastic! Your message is exactly what David & I were hoping for. Thank you in advance :-)

    lars; thanks so much for your comment - I'm very glad you like what you see here. Your work is really terrific and I encourage everyone to go take a look!

    As a rule, since this site is devoted to classic illustration, I only occassionally add a link that's relevant to that specific topic. My apologies!

  4. These are quite lovely , esp the bottom one. Great composition.

  5. For those like me who love the thrill of the hunt, books that is, the link below has copies of "The British Art of Illustration" listed in the publications section.