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Harry Anderson Addendum

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yesterday's post on Harry Anderson generated some wonderful responses, including this one from TI list member Aron Gagliardo, from the American Academy of Art:
Looking forward to this weeks "old school" illustrators. Take a look at the Academy's website for an original Harry Anderson (top left)." Thanks for the head's up, Aron!

As well, TI list member Eric Colquhoun sent a note that he had "a couple" of Harry Anderson scans he was willing to share -- so this morning I was wowed by a second message from Eric with nearly a dozen images I'd never seen before...

... including a nice little selection of Anderson's later, relious paintings.

They have all been added to my Harry Anderson Flickr set -- with many thanks to Eric for his generous contribution.


  1. Mark Harris10:53 AM

    The shot of the woman through the store window is pure gold.
    Thanks Leif and Eric!

  2. I couldn't put it any better, Mark -- yes indeed - many thanks to you, Eric! :-)

  3. I remember seeing the Harry Anderson black and white illustration When I went to the American Academy. Its really beauutiful work. Their permanent collection is really nice. Harry Anderson rules!

  4. I remember the "religios" Anderson painting from the inside cover of a childrens Bible I read often as a kid! It's so strange to see it now and realize that I've never thought about. Ah...nostalgia.

  5. what a incredible talent, there's no doubt about why this men is the hand behind all Coca Cola publicity, beside the incredible sketch with Jesus image,





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