Monday, June 25, 2007

Dom Lupo

Dom Lupo's a perfect subject for my "reduced service" summer program. I have only a handful of his illustrations and know absolutely nothing about him so these posts will be short and sweet.

Still, I get a kick every time I find a new piece with that bold "Dom Lupo" signature in the corner. What can I say? I'm a collector.

If you were reading this blog back when we did a week on "Big Cat Attacks" then you've already met Mr. Lupo. He did this piece for Adventure magazine in 1954 -- the same year he did the illustration with yellow spot colour (above) for Collier's.

*You'll find both these illustrations at full size in my Dom Lupo Flickr set.


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    buenas! from buenos aires, i just put your blog in my safari each time do i open! i all ways look up from children illustrations, you make me remembering all emotions and books. i'm editorial designer, that why i'm one of the admires of this images.

    so, if i found illustrations, i woud like to send it for you.


  2. luchos;

    thanks for your comment - I'm very pleased to hear you've enjoyed the blog and the illustrations you've found here. If you wish to send me illustrations you can find my email address under my profile.

    Welcome! :-)

  3. Barbara Bradley gave me permission to copy and paste her comment here:

    A note about Don Lupo's work. I suspect that his one color pieces were done on a coated board that was great for work like this. It's coating wasn't slick, as is scratchboard. It had a slight tooth which took pen and ink and designer's colours beautifully yet could be scratched out. The white accents and negative spaces on Lupo's carnival piece look as though they had been scratched out. I wish that board were still around.

  4. domaxco@cox.net8:32 PM

    Hello,this is Dom Lupo's daughter, Sue. Dom is still painting from his Ramona, CA home where he does watercolors. He is thrilled to see so much interest in his work and amazed at your collection. He lost all his artwork from those early years in a wildfire in 2003 that destroyed his home. He rebuilt and is living their with his second wife, Maxine VanEvera Lupo, an LPGA pro. From 1963 on Dom worked exclusively for Golf Magazine and Golf Digest illustrating instructional golf. He also illustrated over 30 books from golfers of that era. He really is getting a kick out of seeing these old illustrations. PS - he thinks he used coated board for some of those early works. Thanks for these postings! Sue Lupo

  5. Dear Sue;

    What a huge thrill to know that your dad is seeing these posts -- thanks for getting in touch on his behalf!

    I'm sorry to hear that he lost all his old artwork in that fire -- what a shame. At least we have this small sample to enjoy... and please assure him that his work is admired by many people - illustrators and others - who have just recently become familiar with it here on the blog.

    If he has any interest in discussing the details of his early career I would be very glad to post them here.

    You can email me directly at

  6. I have an original Dom Lupo illustration. It is currently on Ebay #140333778099. It is the real deal and it is a popular General Telephone piece.