Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Drawing Cute Kids: Lessons from the Masters

After yesterday's comments and suggestions (thanks to everyone who chimed in!) I thought it might be advisable to go "back to school" for a little refresher course in drawing kids. Here are a couple of pages from Andrew Loomis...

...and from The Famous Artists Course, some excellent and more detailed advice from Albert Dorne.

Want to study these lessons more closely? Take a look at the full size versions in my Cute Kids Flickr set.


  1. thanks for the great reference material Leif, i started a sketchbook of my son when he was little but haven't filled out more than 5 or 6 pages in 4 years. you're so right that kids are hard to draw. i better try some more before he is off to college

  2. I've always admired Loomis's teaching books and have recommended to many young graphic artists over the years.
    Hang, but he does make look so easy.

  3. Dorne's chapter about heads still is used in my FAS Instruction binders.
    But without a doubt Loomis has more beautiful examples of babies and children heads. "Drawing of Head And Hands" has the best diagrams of proportion of children from babies to teenagers... Without mention from heads in general... I discovered that book (the spanish translation) when I was 10 yo. My art's teacher lent me a copy of that book during the winter recess... That is a constant source of information!