Monday, July 23, 2007

Tying Up Loose Ends: More by Allan Kass

Readers of this blog often do a lot of the detective work that helps us identify unknown illustrators and otherwise give context to what is unfortunately an era in the history of illustration that suffers from a lack of thorough documentation.

This week I thought I'd take a moment to thank all those diligent folks and to go back through my emails and post the images and info they've sent me.

Back in April we looked at some remarkable advertising illustrations for the British Vauxhall done in a style very reminiscent of the work of Robert Fawcett. A visitor to the blog, Harald, helped identify one of the illustrators from the Vauxhall series as Allan Kass. Harald kindly sent me this scan below which he took from the 1961 Illustrators Annual.

Coincidently, I recently came across yet another Vauxhall ad. Could this also be the work of Allan Kass?

For now we'll say "yes" - and hope to discover more information about this talented artist in the future. My Google Image Search turned up one other example of Kass' work at

You can get a closer look at these images and Allan Kass' other Vauxhall ads by clicking the 'All Sizes' tab above each image in my new Allan Kass Flickr set.


  1. had perfect balance of black & white.
    visit my link too.

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  3. wow very nice b&w. thanks a lot for sharing : )

  4. Found your Allan Kass picture from google.
    Mr. Kass, from 1970-1998, when he retired, did approximately 1000 book cover illustrations. Most of these were regency romances, but some are westerns and historical fiction.
    I am working on a site to post pictures of his work:

    He was a very talented artist and a nice person!


    is my link for a new blog featuring Allan's cover art illustration. Enjoy!