Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Coby Whitmore's Kids

I think its fair to say that when you think of Coby Whitmore you think of beautiful women in stylish clothes... or romantic couples arranged in a hundred variations of "the clinch". What you don't usually think of is kids.

But - surprise - Coby Whitmore was just as adept at drawing and painting scenes from the playful world of children as he was at scenes of grownups engaged in games... of another sort.

Since so many of the past few weeks' posts have focused on the art of illustrating children, I thought we should make a note of Whitmore's expertise in that area as well. Too often illustrators are pigeon-holed by their most popular subject matter. But versatility is the key to success and diversity of subject matter keeps the work interesting.

You can see today's images at full size in my Coby Whitmore Flickr set.


  1. The 2nd illustration with the children in the railroad, I think in Tom Sawyer :)
    Very nice topic

  2. Thanks for your comment, Pablo - yes, that second piece does look a bit like it could be from Tom Sawyer.


  3. leif, thanks so much for your site and all of the insightful comments. I've learned so much about illustration and illustrators, and I always look forward to what you'll post next.

  4. That's really wonderful to hear, Stephen - every day is a learning experience for me as well. Its one of the many rewards of putting together this blog, for which I am most grateful.

    Thank you for your comment! :-)