Friday, August 31, 2007

A Menagerie of Meyers Maidens

No lofty lessons or obscure ontology today. I thought we'd end our look at the work of Robert Meyers with a selection of lovely lasses (ok, there are some lads in there too).

Meyers had a way with women (yes, and men) that puts him in the good company of the other top artists of the Cooper studio. These are just a few examples of his deftness at delineating damsels... and dudes.

All of these images are available for closer inspection in my Robert Meyers Flickr set.


  1. Wow, Leif! I just had to check in to give a rousing "YES!!!" to this amaaaaazing Meyers art! I don't know him by name but I'm sure his work has glossed my eyes over numerous times throughout my life.

    Thanks for sharing pal!


  2. Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, Les! Made my day :-)

  3. These are wonderful, what a great blog. I adore 1950's illustration and particularly how women are portrayed, Meyers certainly had a way with them.

    Thank you for this!