Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brenda Wants Your Vote

Brenda Janish loves vintage pinup art. A lot! She's created a cute little video that let's you peek at her massive collection of prints, posters, calendars, ashtrays, - even a toilet seat cover... all featuring pinup art -- and she wants your help: vote for Brenda's video and she might just win 20 grand!

To further entice you to vote for her, Brenda has started an attractive blog where she features art and information about pinup artists like Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben, and K.O. Munson. Brenda offers a free subscriber service, much like the one you can join here, except Brenda will send you a pinup scan every day. Cool!


  1. Brenda got my vote! Amazing collection for sure.

    Thanks for sharing this Leif.

  2. My pleasure, Les. Sharing's what we're all about here at Today's Inspiration. ;-)