Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gustav Rehberger and the Vortex

Nowhere in the natural world, in all the universe, can you find that artifical construct created by man: the straight line.

Gustav Rehberger had little use for straight lines. He believed in the all-powerful forces of nature. The swirling, whirling incomprehesible power of the Creator. You find this theme again and again in his work.

Even when he is portraying the quietest and most tender of moments.

Rehberger had tremendous respect for the terrible beauty and writhing muscular might of the animal kingdom.

He reserved a special love for the grace, strength and spirit of the horse. Over the course of his career he created countless paintings and drawings of horses running, galloping and fighting.

Rehberger had vivid memories of his Austrian farmboy childhood, filled with floods, tempests, twisters and other natural disasters.

The recollection of the straining muscles of human figures and rearing horses, imprinted on his mind's eye, influenced and inspired the artist in adulthood.

"My way of manifesting a powerful imagination," said Rehberger, "is a whirling, driving force involving all parts of the composition in a total activity."

* You'll find all of today's images in my Gustav Rehberger Flickr set.


  1. Absolutely stirring work, Leif! Dark and emotional in a very strong sense! Definitely an illustrator with a beautiful fine arts sensibility. fI'm embarrassed to say I'm not familiar with his work. Leave it to you to prove I have much to learn. :)

    Thanks for sharing pal.


  2. Thanks Les - I'm always happy to hear I've helped someone discover something new. Its my pleasure!