Monday, November 05, 2007

Unholy Women and Private Dicks

Every once in a while I need to take a little break from researching and writing about the history of 50's illustration. This is one of those weeks.

The artists of the 50's produced so many great crime genre illustrations. This week we'll look at a few - mostly without comment from me.

Here are some from the February 1950 issue of Esquire magazine. Enjoy!

Need a closer look? H.E. Bischoff Flickr set Jim Weathers Flickr set


  1. When I see that kind of illustrations reminds me some old flicks like: Attack of the 50 foot woman” or “earth versus flying saucers” :)

  2. When the dame walked into my office wearing nothing but a towel, I knew it would be trouble. Dames are always trouble. I could even smell trouble. Something fishy was going on.

  3. Pablo, don't be too surprised here.
    The lovely towel lady looks exactly like 50s B-Queen Allison Hayes, who starred in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Google her name and see if I'm not right. Hayes had a very classic, almost haughty beauty but sadly her career was cut short as she came down with some rare ailment and died very young, just as her star was beginning to rise. Looking at this illustration, I've no doubt Bischoff was inspired by her when doing it.