Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Harry Anderson Christmas!

To look at this piece by Harry Anderson you can almost imagine a cross between Haddon Sundblom and Norman Rockwell, can't you? As though Rockwell designed the page and did the drawing, and Sundblom painted the final illustration.

I recently acquired a nice stack of old Woman's Home Companion magazines and the good news is it looks like Anderson had a steady account with that publication -- so, to satisfy the many requests I've been getting, you'll soon be seeing more work by the artist.

For now, to all the diehard Harry Anderson fans out there... this post is my Christmas gift to you.

Harry Anderson Flickr set


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I wonder if any of us are as intrigued by the stories that accompany the illustrations as I often am. Shirley Jackson (today's author) spins a good tale, and I'd like to read it all after her promising beginning. No, Lief -- I'm not begging for a literary anthology in addition to the treasure house of images you've given us. Just wondering if anybody else finds him/herself drawn into the yarns.
    Bob Bollini

  2. Next to Lovell, nobody does color like Anderson.

    Okay...maybe Sundblom, but nobody else! :)


  3. Leif, your Rockwell/Sundblom merging was spot-on in describing Anderson's amazing work. And that was always my only complaint about Rockwell's phenomenal work is that it lacked painting style and technique and relied almost exclusively on his photo ref'. Rockwell and Sundblom have become household names. Anderson should, too.

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  5. Bob;

    Oh believe me, you're not alone... thanks for letting me off the hook.

    Les, I certainly agree, pal. We'll continue to do our best to give Anderson a boost here at the grass roots level... you never know.

  6. I am searching for an issue of Woman's Home Companion from the mid-1940s that contained a short story, Beyond the Gate (author unknown) and was illustrated by Harry Anderson. If anyone has such an item, please email me: Thanks