Friday, January 25, 2008

Don Silverstein's work: "...a joy to look at"

A few months ago, Harry Borgman was the subject of a week of posts on Today's Inspiration (see Previous Topics in the sidebar). This week Harry is our guest author, providing all of the artwork and the story of his longtime friend, Don Silverstein. Harry's narrative continues below:

Don had an interesting career and even worked in New York for several years doing a lot of children's book art. He also worked in London for a time.

Don and his wife Sakiko moved to Japan where he lived and worked for ten years. He did a lot of commercial work and also had several exhibitions of of his paintings in Tokyo.

I saw him frequently when he moved back to New York in the 90's. The book market had pretty much dried up for him and he was mostly involved with fine art projects.

After his death in 2004, Don's wife opened Gallery Sakiko in New York where she exhibits Don's paintings on a regular basis.

Don was a long time friend and one of the most creative artist I have ever known. His style was unique, inventive and a joy to look at.

"I was born in a Wilkes-Barre coal mine in 1932. My great childhood joy was getting rescued every year by the coast gaurd during the annual spring floods."

- Don Silverstein's comment on his childhood

Sincere thanks to Harry Borgman for sharing Don Silverstein's story and art with us this week!

You'll find more examples of Don Silverstein's work at his website and Gallery Sakiko.

My Don Silverstein Flickr set.


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  2. love his children's illustrations and his fine art is fantastic. What amazing technique. Some of it looks digitally rendered and I don't mean that as a critique. It's just that I have a hard time figuring out how he possibly could create and retain such transparency in his work given the amount of rendering and obvious layering

  3. fascinating , great stuff

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    I saw something like this style here:

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