Friday, April 25, 2008

People Send Me Stuff: Part 5

I've been hanging onto this group of Robert Fawcett illustrations for far too long. Time to share them with you.

These are from a November 1960 issue of Look magazine - which arrived out of the blue in the mail one day from TI list member, Ken Bruzenak.

"A gift. Use them if you can,"
wrote Ken. To which I can only reply, "I most certainly can - and many thanks, Ken!"

I first heard about this group of Fawcett illustrations when I read David Apatoff's post "One Lovely Drawing, part eight" - a really good piece of writing that could have been called "Ode to a Robert Fawcett Spot Illustration". I encourage you to go read it.

David explains why these illustrations are so wonderful far more eloquently than I could ever hope to ... so I won't bother. Best to just let you enjoy the art and leave it at that. Hey, its Friday. Its been a long week.

This is where I would normally tell you to go to my Robert Fawcett Flickr set so you can examine these illustrations at full size... but unfortunately, because of some unprecedented shenannigans by people who have been abusing the gift of art I present here and on Flickr, I've decided to restrict access to my full size scan. At least until I figure out how to resolve some troubling issues.

I'll be writing more about this situation on the weekend. I hope you'll drop by - and perhaps offer your advice.


  1. I am glad to see these fine illustrations displayed for everyone. What wonderful work.

  2. thanks,leif....these are great....i have a set...i hope one day someone will publish a FAWCETT,brian...

  3. Robert Fawcett's 1958 book
    On The Art of Drawing
    will be reissued in May.

  4. Several years ago the painting of Lincoln outside the doorway shown
    with this group of illustrations was for sale at Illustration House. The size given for the art was the same size as it was reproduced. He may have painted them all same size.

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