Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Edwin Georgi: Too Sexy for The Post?

Not by half.

In fact, Ashley Halsey Jr., in his book, Illustrating for the Saturday Evening Post, tells the story of one occassion when The Post actually requested a little more skin...

"Now this is for the Saturday Evening Post, a family magazine. It better be nice. Can't get away with that sexy stuff that runs in some magazines," chides Halsey Jr.

But when Edwin Georgi submitted the preliminary sketch below for a story entitled "Date With Death", he was shocked to hear Associate Art Editor Frank Kilker wonder why he "hadn't turned the girl around"?

"I was speechless," Georgi reported to Halsey Jr. when he recounted the anecdote. The author describes Georgi's first sketch as "the very nicest way of undressing a heroine in the Post."

"Losing no time," writes Halsey Jr., "Georgi recalled his winsome model and spun her around to face the new situation."

"I completed that painting," Georgi recalls, "and then - just to make things cozy - I threw the whole damn thing in the ash can and started from scratch."

Halsey Jr. writes, "The third version, much like the second in general outline, shows the girl from the front. Note the girl's posture compared with the sketch."

Halsey Jr. notes with much delight that in this final version we get "more girl than ever."

* Although I don't own the issue of The Post in which Georgi's half-dressed heroine appeared, I did find a colour scan of her at this site.

* My Edwin Georgi Flickr set.


  1. What a great story. And hearing the title of the story the art would accompany, I was very appreciative
    of how he capture the girl's expression, ala the helpless doe caught in the car's headlamps at night. Innocence, surprise and fear all mingling perfectly.

  2. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Man, could this guy illustrate gorgeous young women or what? They look like they're about to jump off the page (and I kind of wish they would).

    Many thanks.