Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Storybook... Cartoon... Illustration?

Yesterday I pointed out that the Provensen's had designed and illustrated 'Tony the Tiger' and other cereal box mascots for Kelloggs. They brought their storybook style to the look of the character... but most would agree that Tony is not a storybook character... he's a cartoon character.

This raises an interesting point I have wrestled with when choosing material for these posts: at what point does the 1950's storybook style become a cartoon style? I think you'll agree with me that there is a distinction. But I'm not really sure where it lies...

I'm not alone in my confusion on this issue. What is 'illustration' and what is 'cartoon' has confounded a lot of people - a lot of artists - for a very long time.

This week on Charlie Allen's Blog, Charlie presents his thoughts on the issue - he and I have been discussing it at length in our correspondences. Since Charlie took the initiative to bring the discussion into a public forum, I thought I'd follow his lead and share my thoughts on the subject.

So let's segue into a new topic that's sort of related to our last one: Storybook... cartoon... illustration... which is which?

Are they all related? Or are they all the same thing?

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  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Do we really need to distiguish one from the other? Why not allow a flow into all areas...I also have issues when artwork is considered an illustration, not fine art...

    I believe that classifications are too rigid. Why do we even need them? Artists should have the ability to experiment with styles freely, without worry of being too much out of their "classification"...