Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jan Balet's Bedroom

In September 1951, Good Housekeeping magazine asked eight contributing artists to "paint bedrooms they themselves would like." A quirky idea for a magazine article, and one you're unlikely to ever see in a magazine today, but given the minor celebrity status of the illustrator in those days, why not?

Among those eight who contributed to the article was Jan Balet. I thought it might be fun to conclude this week's look at the artist with this oddball item...

... whether or not it reveals anything more about Balet, I'll leave for you to decide.

My Jan Balet Flickr set.


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  2. Geez, that ball room is fantastic. The texture from the scan adds to it as well.

  3. Does it have a certain "Disney touch"?
    I was just wondering which of those figures would best fit into this bedroom.