Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to School with Republic Steel

Yes its 'back to school' here in Canada, and especially here at Today's Inspiration Central Headquarters, where three of four staff members have abandoned their posts to return to the those 'halls of higher learning' - also known as 'jail'.

Back in 1955 Republic Steel ran this entertaining ad extolling the virtues of (then) modern schools made, it would seem, almost entirely of steel. (And you laughed at my jail reference).

"Willie seldom plays hooky these days!" How's that for equivocating...?

Willie might play hooky more often - if only he could escape this giant steel trap! The lockers are made of steel...

... the window frames are made of steel...

... and it looks like the entire cafeteria is made of steel - better to hose down at the end of the day, I guess.

Republic's ad the following year was even more hilarious.

"What's the lesson of the day?"

The lesson is don't let dad take the kids to school! The way he and that new Miss "What's-Her-Name" (AKA 'The Tramp') are making googely eyes at each other I'd say they have a little "extracurricular activity" planned!

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  1. I'm shocked SHOCKED at those googly eyes!!!

  2. Thou shalt not...

    Hilarious, this steely post!
    The extracurrical lady has got a real attractive look. Compliment to the illustrator.

    Those were the times...those model school kids painting, they look cute.
    Hope there's not an illegitimate one among them or even one conceived before the age of 18...