Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Other Blogs: Harry Borgman

Harry Borgman, who began his career in Detroit in the late 1940's, was the subject of a week of posts on Today's Inspiration in October of 2007. Since that time, Harry and I have continued corresponding. Often, he'd express his keen interest in starting a blog of his own. Well now he has - and its an eclectic mix of the old and the new, because even at age 80, Harry's still going strong!

In fact, aside from Harry's many ongoing artistic endeavors, he's started not one, but two blogs!

You'll see more of Harry's classic illustrations at Harry Borgman Art and you'll find examples of Harry's "digital experiments, photomontages and fun stuff" at Hairy Blogman.

Bookmark them both and visit often. Harry posts new material on a very frequent basis.


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Que o dia amanheceu
    Lá no mar alto da paixão
    Dava pra ver o tempo ruir
    Cadê você? Que solidão!
    Esquecera de mim

    Djavan - Oceano

  2. Borgman rules. After I first saw his illustrations (it was years ago, can't remember where), I ordered his excellent book on pen and pencil drawing.
    I like his drawing style because, much like Peak's, Whitmore's, Fuchs', Silverman's etc it is firmly rooted in tradition, yet at the same time has a very contemporary look.
    When you contact him next time, tell him that he has fans in Europe, as well ;)

  3. Thanks for that great comment, Valentino - I couldn't agree more.

    And remember, you can always tell Harry yourself by leaving a comment at his new blog!