Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Kaiser Kristmas!

Isn't this 1948 Kaiser Aluminum ad a gas? Its a veritable Christmas morning cornucopia of all things metallic... an expression of the unbridled enthusiasm a client can have for its own product. Kudos to Kaiser for pushing the concept WAY over the top.

I mean yes, the brand new bicycle is a familiar motif in scenes of Christmas morning...

... but a full-size aluminum playground slide in the living room? Yow! -- I wonder how late dad was up building that monstrosity!

Our own Charlie Allen did his share of Kaiser Aluminum ads, so I took the liberty of asking if he recognized this one. Charlie replied, "Wow....as usual, thought I knew everything about SF illustration in the old days. Had not seen that one. Have a strong hunch...judging from the figures..."

"...strong values..."

"...the dalmatian 'firehouse dog' (he liked those), etc..."

"... that it was done by Stan Galli. Before I got to P&H, for sure. The date of the ad also points to Galli. I joined P&H in l948, and probably did my first Kaiser ad in l951. Wonder if there are more out there?"

If there are, I'll be on the look out for them, Charlie - and many thanks for the assist!

Speaking of Charlie, he's got the latest installment of the CAWS posted, so head right over to Charlie Allen's Blog. "It'll keep the doctor away."

* My Mid-century X-mas Flickr set.


  1. Everybody's happy!

  2. Yeah! That's almost a "Heavy Metal" Christmas...

  3. Wow, those are really fantastic. I love the strong values and bold colors, nothing soft or hesitant there and it really is that classic "everything for Christmas" merchandising message, the perfect family can have it all. Every member of the family, even the dog, gets his/her aluminum wish come true!