Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jan Balet's 'Amos and the Moon' part 2

Marie Balet sent this interesting anecdote yesterday about the creation of Amos and the Moon:

Did you know that Jan was going to call it “Peter and the Moon,” but there were many books coming out at the time with Peter in it so he changed the name to Amos. We found the “mock-up” of the cover with “Peter and the Moon” as the title.


* Thank you to those who left notes of condolence and appreciation yesterday. Thanks especially to Ward Jenkins for reminding us that he has scans of Jan's 1953 children's book, The Lazy Lion, uploaded to his Flickr - as well as a fabulous Better Homes and Gardens cover.

* My Jan Balet Flickr set.


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    These are so beautiful. That antique shop is a wonder.

  2. It really is, Harley... I may add a few close-crops so people can see the details better. :^)