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My New Blog: Storyboard Central

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I started a new blog. The focus will be on comps and storyboards - mostly as they are related to advertising - though I am open to including other aspects of concept art like film, animation and video games. The first posts are picked up from last week's series, but I have added one more, which features several ads from storyboard studios that advertised their services in the 1985 edition of the Creative Black Book.

I hope to make this new blog more of a community effort, so please feel free to contact me if you'd like to guest author a post (or posts). Show off your work, share examples of old storyboards and comps you hung onto by past greats, tell us about that nightmare job you sweated through.. whatever!

Take a peek at the new Storyboard Central


  1. OK, where exactly do you get your energy.

  2. Sold your soul to the Devil sometime in 3rd year at Sheridan, right?
    You're profile picture says it all.

  3. The summer between second and third year, actually - but good guess. ;^)

  4. Leif, I hope this new blog will help you fill those long, idle hours. I was afraid that all the boredom was going to drive you stir crazy.

  5. Ok now, you guys are beginning to scare me. ;^)

  6. leif...i'll be sending you stuff soon, for the storyboard blog...brian





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