Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Quirky Lynn Buckham

When you think "Lynn Buckham" you expect to see a drawing of a pretty girl. No surprise there... Buckham was one of the best at the romance style of 1950's illustration.

And it turns out he was pretty good at situational comedy scenarios involving different character types.

But there was another side to Lynn Buckham's work that is a bit unexpected...

Buckham had a knack for drawing comical animals!

You might not think this is a big deal (and I suppose it really isn't) but it fascinates me because you don't see this oddball characteristic in the work of other artists who did the sort of "straight" realism so popular at that time.

In fact very few illustrators who did realistic illustration during the 50's ever showed a cartoony side in their work.

The exception would be the multi-talented Bob Jones, also from Cooper's.

Since we know so little about Lynn Buckham, its impossible to say where this quirky quality in his work originated. I just thought it was worth taking note of this unusual recurring device in Buckham's illustrations.

*My Lynn Buckham Flickr set.


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    i just had to write in and say you are doing all the artists out there a huge service...this blog is so so inspirational..i keep visiting here everyday. i was talking to my other friends this end who are in the arts..same thing...they love this space. So a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU..for taking time and doing this.

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  3. Robin;

    Thank you SO MUCH for your enthusiastic, encouraging notes. You really made my day - my whole weekend, in fact!

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  4. Howard Chaykin3:31 PM

    Since we're talking about cartoon animals here, let's not forget the story--or is it a rumor--that Al Parker ghosted several weeks of Gus Arriola's GORDO when Arriola was laid up.

    Can anybody substantiate this?

    Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of Parker, as my collection of tearsheets, my original, and my complete run of LITHOPINION with those two astonishing Parker pieces on jazz and magazine redesign will attest--but I also think Gus Arriola is pretty fantastic.

    And further needless to say, you're doing amazing service here--even when I categorically disagree with you.

  5. What comical beast is this diving lady riding upon?
    Looks like some dragon and an elk crossbreedin'

  6. Howard; thanks for your encouragement and support!
    ... and when you categorically disagree with me, by all means, speak up - I am learning as I go along, and welcome the knowledge and opinions of others - especially those who own Parker originals and complete runs of LITHOPINION!

    Rich; That creature is supposed to be "Moosie", the Loch Lure Monster, a fake beastie created by the protagonist of the story to lure tourists to the area.

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