Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Len's Lovely Lady Lounging in Luxurious Linens

Thanks to everyone for your kind words of encouragement on yesterday's post! Its great to know so many people enjoy the material I present here - and especially gratifying to read the comments of those who spoke up for the first time. Thank you all very much!

Since I mentioned Len Steckler yesterday, let's look at another piece by this talented illustrator.

As mentioned, Steckler was a member of the Charles E. Cooper studio.

Just for fun, I pulled a few images from my Flickr archives by other illustrators of "lovely ladies lounging in luxurious linens".

First up, Joe De Mers, also of the Cooper Studio, from 1951...

... another Cooper heavyweight, Coby Whitmore, did a ton of these ads (several more in my Coby Whitmore Flickr set).

Here's one by Harry Fredman, co-owner of rival studio, Fredman/Chaite, where Bob Peak got his start.

And finally, perhaps the most loungin'est lovely lady of all is depicted by the great John Gannam.

* As we ease into the new, less wordy Today's Inspiration, I encourage those who enjoy a substantial hit of information with their art fix to head straight over to Charlie Allen's Blog for a look at this week's CAWS. Its a doozy!

* And don't forget Storyboard Central, where German illustrator Arne Reismueller shows us some terrific examples of his advertising storyboards.


  1. Time for me to check in and say thanks since I visit several times a week. Much appreciated.


  2. You're very welcome, Nathan - and thanks for dropping by :^)

  3. Gorgeous ads. Thanks!

  4. Charlie Allen10:15 PM

    I was going to say, Steckler's illustrations were a lot like John Gannam's....then you showed Gannam. Gouache, handled almost like transparent water color, Gannam's work was beautiful and amazing. Steckler was also good....and I don't remember his work. As always, good stuff, good history, and thanks!

  5. Leif,I'm a day late on the congratulating,but thanks for the postings.Your 1001st hits the spot.the assortment of bed ads is beautiful,there isn't a stinker in the bunch.
    Charlie mentioned that Gannam used gouache.I thought he worked with transparent watercolor.Did he use both?

  6. I learned to read from ads like these. (Fabulous Camay!)

  7. Charlie Allen3:18 PM

    Good question, Steve. I just assumed Gannam used Gouache....almost everybody did in those days. If he painted in transparent watercolor, his technique is even more amazing. Very little wiggle room for error with transparents.