Thursday, August 06, 2009

Duncan MacPherson Goes Fishing

Just when I think I've mined every last gem out of my original Today's Inspiration scrap files, I discover another treasure. This time its a 3 page humour piece from a 1958 issue of Weekend magazine (which was, for several decades, inserted into the weekend editions of many Canadian newspapers) illustrated by Duncan MacPherson.

You may recall that MacPherson's work for MacLean's magazine was the focus of a recent post here on Today's Inspiration.

I suppose this series was one of many additional freelance assignments the popular cartoonist took on at the time. Frankly, these spots are absolutely gorgeous, filled with interesting details, amusing character types and beautiful, delicate watercolour painting. I've extracted every single spot so you can get a really good look at them all. There isn't a dud in the bunch. Click each image to see it at twice up. Enjoy!

* My Duncan MacPherson Flickr set.

* My Fishing Flickr set.


  1. You beat me to it. These are gorgeous.
    He did editorial cartoons for The Toronto Star for years, right?
    My parents had a retrospective book of his Star work. God knows where it is now.

  2. Gosh! You're making me wanna go to the pier and get some extreme drawing done. These are sensational, again.

  3. That's awesome, Jordie; sounds like I've accomplished what I set out to do - inspire you! :^)

    Mark; How'd I beat you to it?

  4. Love today's post.

  5. I saw the image & thought ''Isn't this piece beautiful' before I read your comment.

  6. Ahh... got it. Thanks Mark. :^)

    Amanda; I'm so glad to hear that - thank you.

  7. Charlie Allen3:25 PM

    Simply marvelous....mahvelous! Now there's an artist who looks like he thoroughly enjoys his work....and the subject to boot. Thanks so much, Leif.....wasn't familiar with MacPherson's stuff....but it sort of gives a new meaning to illustration can be. Too bad ad clients didn't use more of that approach instead of taking themselves so seriously!