Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Energy... We Gotta Stop Usin' You Up"

Flipping through 1951 issues of Fortune magazine it seems like an energy party was in full swing... and Industry was making sure the bar remained well stocked.

The party lasted 20 years. Then came the hangover. Ol' Mr. Earth had a message for all of us party animals and he called it "The Energy Crisis."

I could go on about what it was like to live through the startling change in attitudes we experienced during the early 70's (My dad: "TURN THAT LIGHT OUT!") but why not let Ol' Mr. Earth teach you all about it as he did me back in '73. Click the play button and enjoy a musical accompaniment while you scroll through images of the world as it seemed to be... before reality set in.







* My Industry Flickr set.

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