Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en with 'Scary' Harry Borgman!

Happy Hallowe'en, Boils and Ghouls! Here's a tricky treat for everyone who loves to draw monsters ( or just loves drawings of monsters): a great little "How To..." booklet by 'Scary' Harry Borgman, long time TI list member and mid-century illustrator extraordinaire.

Harry created this cornucopia of cartoon creeps back in the early 1970s, around the same time he was drawing scary illustrations of Dracula in a more realistic style for a book entitled "Great Tales of Horror and Suspense".

This little book was Harry's first "How To..." book and paved the way for other larger art instruction books he did for Watson Guptill Publications.

Harry had already taught art "live and in person" at the Society of Arts and Crafts in Detroit just a few years earlier - and that lead to an opportunity to contribute some 'sick' scribblings to Sick magazine.

These delightfully dreadful drawings show how Harry's moniker at Sick magazine, "The Professor" suited him perfectly!

Harry Borgman recently celebrated the 1st Anniversary of his blog, Harry Borgman Art Blog. There you'll find so much interesting information, so many astonishing anecdotes and such a wealth of amazing artwork that you'll want to cancel your plans for the day and stay glued to the computer. Harry has had so many interesting adventures in the illustration biz and at age 81, he's still going strong! Happy Hallowe'en - and Happy 1st Anniversary, Harry Borgman Art Blog - here's to many more!

* My Harry Borgman Flickr set.


  1. Charlie Allen8:03 PM

    Sooper scary, Harry! You never cease to boggle my mind with your humor, versatility, creative mind, and the works. You should be doing a daily/weekly/monthly, whatever, syndicated cartoon or strip. Great stuff, and thanks. And thanks, Leif, for the Couldn't be a spookier selection!

  2. Coolness! Just discovered this blog and Happy Anniversary to Mr. Borgman! Another great blog to add to mt bookmarks.