Saturday, December 12, 2009

Richard Taylor, Artist Cartoonist

*It seemed only fitting to conclude Richard Taylor's 1950 article from American Artist magazine with a couple of example's of the author's own work.

"As a parting word of advice: don't, whatever you do, make the error of imitating an established cartoonist's style. I know of no surer way to guarantee failure."

"And don't make the error, either, of trying to break in with the 'doodle' type of humorous drawing (Steinberg, Thurber, Bemelmans) unless you are as sophisticated as the artists who draw such things."

"The landscape is all cluttered up with little would-be Steinbergs who somehow miss the boat."

*Addendum: Throughout the 1950s, every issue of American Artist contained ads for the sort of "cartooning-is-easy" courses Richard Taylor admonished in his article...

... they were consistently relegated to the magazine's last page.

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